Entry #1

New songs!

2009-07-31 02:51:39 by jakejosepheternity

Working on some new material for you guys, hope you'll like some of the stuff I'm coming up with.

I would greatly appreciate reviews on the songs that have none, feedback is always appreciated, even if you feel ithe song's good enough to not have one. Comment and say you love it if that's the case!

Thanks guys,


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2009-08-23 03:32:26

I'll give you a god damn review or I won't. YOU JUST FUCKING LIVE WITH IT!!! GRRRRR!!!! RAAGH!!! If I dislike your songs, I'll show up at your house and show you a fish slapping a clown. That's right! I will! CALM DOWN I was just kidding. I think I've reviewed most of your stuff, haven't I?


2010-01-02 20:31:43

Ha HA not funny... Anyway man you got very nice songs I just found out about you from that shnow song.. Forgot the full name but man you're very good! Try asking to malke some movies music you're that good man and don't forget it!


2010-01-02 23:36:33

dj shit hat. Anyway....I reviewed your new song! And Torchwood will discover your secrets!! Moo, curse your for your good show advice!


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