2013 Submissions

Docile Hip Hop - Modern Song

2011 Submissions

Forgotten Melodies Techno Song
Thought for the Day General Rock Song
Mutiny in the Ranks Drum N Bass Song
Broken Limits Techno Song
Walking on the Air Ambient Song
Icy Memories Ambient Song
I Shot the Reggae Man New Wave Song
My Last Regret Jazz Song
Lets Trip Abe Lincoln! Ambient Song
Good Love Hip Hop - Modern Song
The Death of an Architect Ambient Song
Bang of Jazz Jazz Song
Squealing Love New Wave Song
Rolling With the Future Dance Song
Little Blue Ball of Funk Funk Song
Flamenco Blues World Song
City in the Snow Ambient Song
Always With You General Rock Song
A&R Scheme Hip Hop - Modern Song
Trance Dance Party Trance Song
Breezy Days Ambient Song
Dancin' In Hell Trance Song
Confrontation Estimation Ambient Loop
The (Real) Awakening Ambient Song
Forbade the Night Ambient Loop
Love Me, Leave Me General Rock Song
Terms of Life Techno Song
The Zombie General Rock Song
Forest of the Damned Ambient Song
Ghost in the Funk General Rock Song
Everything You Need Industrial Song
Back to Me Ambient Song
Yay! It's Doomsday! New Wave Song
Playing With Coco Muchacho Industrial Song
Jake's Inferno General Rock Song
Distechno Dance Song
Felt the Groove Industrial Song
Get It On (You) Industrial Song
Come Get Some Industrial Song
All My Love, ALL My Love R&B Song
Rhythm Fading Industrial Song
Love's Lost R&B Song
Recurring Nostalgia Industrial Song
Brooding Abyss Ambient Song